Updated: Sep 25, 2020

As we all know, when one candidate qualifies the UPSC exam he/she will be called to face a board of judges from the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC), which will be the UPSC Interview Round. UPSC interview questions is a game of probabilities and uncertainties. Aspirants prepare a lot related to current affairs, general knowledge, logical reasoning but the entire interview may proceed on unexpected lines. Still, you can crack any exam with the right coaching, getting all the required study material and the main ingredient you can add to this process is “OPTIMISTIC THINKING”. Negative thoughts usually drove us away from the desired goal.

Q1) Give a brief description about yourself.

ANSWER: Key points to add in your answer:

1. Your full name

2. Your qualification

3. Your family background

4. Your 2-3 accomplishments/achievements

5. Special talents if any( e.g, knowing any foreign language)

(While answering be cheerful and put a gentle smile on your face)

Q2) Why do you want to join Civil Services?

ANSWER: Most of the aspirants usually reply with, “I want to serve the country” Or “It’s my parent's dream”, these are too common answers. Rather you can try to give unique answers, for example, “I was fascinated (attracted) by the challenges of government civil service and the uncountable opportunities for self-development.” You can also try to explain how your decision-making skills and right power judgment would bring positive changes in the current manifesto of society.

Q3) What you have learned from your mistakes?

ANSWER: You can answer in this manner:

· “Everyone does mistakes, but very few people realize them and do not repeat them again. I am also one of them.”

· “The most important thing I have learned is about having patience and not giving up too soon as the solution is right in front of us.”

Q4) What is more important to crack this exam, Intelligence or Hardwork?

ANSWER: “ I believe in smart work that is , Intelligence + Hardwork.”

Q5) What are your priority areas, you have thought of to be really doing good work once you get selected?

ANSWER: “ The first area I would choose to work on is EDUCATION. I believe that India is coming out of a lot of children and youth, so skill training and education is something we need to focus on.”

Q6) Don’t you think , you are too young to join civil services ? You should gain some experience, try to know the country in the better way and acquire more knowledge?

ANSWER: “The very fact that UPSC allows us to appear for the examination at 21 years I believe it is a good enough reason to try and sit for the exam.”

Q7) The Interviewer ordered a cup of coffee for candidate and kept the coffee before the candidate , and then he asked the candidate , what is before you?

ANSWER: The candidate immediately replied “TEA” and the answer was correct.

Reason: The question was “What is before you ( the alphabet U) and the answer is TEA (the alphabet T).

Q8) When did you start your preparation for this examination?

ANSWER : Try to give honest answers.

· “After I finished my 12th standard.”

· “In my final year of college.”

Q9) What are your Hobbies?

ANSWER: You should mention your honest hobbies. And prepare well about the hobby you have mentioned. For example, you answered, MY HOBBY IS PHOTOGRAPHY. The interviewer may ask what type of Photography you do? What is the major difference between DSLR and SLR? What do you think a picture can destroy or create your life?

Q10) Can you name SUNDAY, MONDAY, and TUESDAY three consecutive days without taking their name?


Q11) Nine people take 12 hours to build a wall, how many days it would take for 5 people to build the same?

ANSWER: No time at all. The wall is already made.

Q12) Which country’s President changes every year?

ANSWER: Switzerland.

Q13) Which state has a minimum population in India?

ANSWER: Sikkim

Q14) Which state has the maximum population in India?

ANSWER: Uttar Pradesh

Q15) Which animal has 32 brains?

ANSWER: Leeches. ( They have 5 pair of eyes, 300 teeth, and 32 brains).

(If you don’t know the answers, it is quite good to admit it rather than to make a wild guess.)


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