Most Common Questions asked in the Job Interview with sample answers.

Before beginning, let’s understand the three types of questions asked in the interview. The first one is technical, in which your knowledge is tested regarding your field, assume you have applied for an IT job then you will be asked questions regarding coding, various programming languages, etc. The second one is analytical, in which your IQ is checked or you are answerable to questions such as, “ After you cut a slice from a cake, how are you going to divide the rest of the cake in equal parts?” These types of questions are asked to check/test your problem-solving skills. The third and most important is behavioral. In this you are asked questions regarding your education, how have you handled work situations in the past, your achievements, your work experience, etc. Almost 65%-70% interview is based on the behavioral type because through these questions the interviewer will check whether you are the right fit for the job or not.

Below are given the most common questions that will help you crack the job interview.

Q) Tell me about yourself or Describe yourself briefly.

In almost 90% of the interviews, the first question is Tell me about yourself or describe yourself in 5-6 sentences or I would like to hear more about your journey and many other ways. The answer expected should include the following points:

ü Your Full name

ü Education background

ü Your family and location

ü If you have a year drop, you can mention the reason for that

ü About your final year project (for fresher)

ü Your special achievements

Try to keep the answer short and simple and make sure your answer matches your resume.

Sample answer: Hi, my name is Asmita Patel and I am from Dehradun. I have completed my B. Tech in Computer Science and engineering from D.Y Patil College Of Engineering, Pune in the year 2020 scoring a total of 9.8 cgpa. I have completed my plus two from Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun scoring 89% in CBSE Boards. I have six members in my family including my grandparents and I am the youngest one. I have secured my special achievements in sports specifically in Football and I played at National level in the year 2018.”

Q) What are your biggest strengths?

In this answer, you should mention your honest strengths. For example, you can tell me about your leadership skills, collaboration skills, technical skills, interpersonal skills, Innovative, etc.

Sample answer: “ I have tremendously strong writing skills. I have been working as a copywriter since my college days in several industries. When it comes to working I am passionate about writing creative and excellent content.”

Q) Why should we hire you?

This is quite a tricky question. This question is generally asked for those who have applied the first time for the job interview. This is a great opportunity to show why you are perfect for the position. I would suggest you not to go technical for this answer instead you have to be fundamental and show your real opinion. In your answer, you must show eagerness and willingness.

Sample answer:Honestly speaking, I have all the skills, experience, ability, and knowledge you are looking for. As being a member of the cultural committee in my college days, I have a good experience and can have a great interaction with the team members. Apart from an academic background, I feel these qualities go for a long way. If given a chance, I will work on building my expertise which will turn to be beneficial for me as well as your organization.”

Q) Where do you see yourself in the coming five years?

This question is asked to assess your ambitions for the future, are you still going to be in the role, and also whether you are going to be committed to their organization. While giving the answer think about where this job/position could realistically take you.

Sample answer: “I see myself still working with your organization, being fully proficient in the role. I am at that stage of my life where I want stable and fulfilling employment in the same organization.”

Q) Would you work weekends/holidays?

Try to give genuine answers. Just try to show some flexibility in your schedule. If you are not willing to work weekends/holidays give a viable reason. You should not commit any schedule you are not able to follow or maintain. You should be tactful and confident at the same time.

Sample answer: “ Sure I have no problem with working on holidays or weekends as long as I can schedule as far in advance as possible.”

Q) Tell us about your biggest failure and what have you learned from it?

Be very careful while answering the question, avoid telling mistakes that resulted in a huge loss. Rather, choose an incident where you have learned a lesson and also that is relevant to the interview perspective.

Sample answer: “ When I was working with the previous organization I was the team leader and our team was assigned a task that we need to complete within a day. That was a very important client of our organization. It was quite a difficult task. We started, half the day passed then we realized on the method we were working was time-consuming and if we would have continued the same method we would definitely fail to achieve the target. This was my biggest mistake which I realized. But soon after that, I learned from my mistake and then I divided our team into groups and assigned each group a different task. And that helped our team to achieve the target.”

Q) Do you have any questions?

This is probably the last question asked in the job interview. This can be a big trap for you because if you are fooling yourself by thinking in your mind that the interviewer has liked you so much or he is just trying to interact with you personally, no these assumptions are wrong he is actually trying to see what homework have you done during the whole interview. When the process of interviewers on so was your mind enough to generate questions on the content to ask the interviewer or do you have any eagerness or curiosity about the organization or they might check whether you have the courage to ask questions to someone you have met for the first time. And if you answer this question as “ No, sir/madam I don’t have any questions” this would give the worst impression. It shows that you were no focused during the whole interview. Rather, you should ask questions in a positive impact.

Sample answers:

1. “What are the goals of the organization for the upcoming years?”

2. “Could you please elaborate on the day-to-day responsibilities of this role?”

3. “ How soon could I start?” or “ Sir, what could be the joining date?”

These types of questions will leave a positive impact on the interviewer and will show your eagerness, willingness, and curiosity towards this job role.

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