Meditation is a state from where everything has come up maybe that’s calmness or peace of mind and that’s never-ending. It has been around thousands of years yet there is still a huge misconception about what meditation really is. Most people like to associate meditation with a monk sitting on top of a mountain with cross legs and closed eyes and but in reality, it's actually something that everyone can do.

Meditation is letting your mind get very still, sitting in a quiet space where you will be able to discover amazing things and uncover incredible secrets.

Meditation is a healthy state of well being that has been proven to lower the stress, improve focus, reduce negative emotions, increasing patience and creativity, control pain, fight addiction, and many more.


The first thing is the posture you may sit in any posture but that must be very comfortable, stable, and relaxing for you. You may sit on the floor or on a chair, you can meditate at any place where ever you feel comfortable.

Sit comfortably, cross your legs, rest your hands on your thighs with your palms facing down, now close your eyes, stop inner or outer chatter nor recite or chant any mantra. Just try to relax. When your body relaxes consciousness travels to the next level. This helps to reduce blood pressure, improves heart rate, decrease metabolism, and increases brain waves.

One should just witness the breath, do not do conscious breathing, don't inhale or exhale consciously let inhalation and exhalation happen on its own. Just continue the normal breathing. This is the main key and this is the way of doing meditation. Don't go behind the thoughts and queries that may rise up during the process, cut the thoughts, and come back to the breathing. This will reduce the density of thoughts and queries slowly breathing becomes thinner and shorter at a point the person becomes thoughtless this stage is called the “ Nirmal Sthiti” (low thought stage). At this stage, one will be under the shower of cosmic energy. The more meditation one does the more will be the cosmic energy he obtains.


Ø Physically Changes Your Brain

According to a study conducted in 2011 at Harvard, led by Dr.Sarah Lazar found that meditating for just 8 week increases your brain size in three crucial areas:

1) The left hippocampus which is responsible for learning ability and the ability to retain information.

2) Posterior cingulate cortex that is responsible for the ability to control how your mind wanders.

3) Temporal parental function which is responsible for empathy and compassion.

Ø Reduces negative emotion

After doing meditation for 8 weeks it is found that it decreases Amygdale cell volume which is responsible for fear, stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation decrease the negative side effects of stress.

Ø Better focus /concentration

Focusing during meditation contributes to focus outside of meditation as well. Students doing meditation report to an increase of 50% in improving the ability to focus better on tasks.

Ø Reduces Addiction (drugs, alcohols)

Transcendental meditation is effective in the reduction of destructive drugs than traditional drug prevention treatment.

Ø More confident and happier

Studies have shown students who daily meditate get higher scores that increase their confidence and lower the negative thoughts. This turns down their academic stress and results in better concentration and more alertness.

Ø Physical benefits

I. Improves the immune system.

II. As you gain and an inner source of energy this gives rise to the physical energy level with optimistic thoughts.

III. Personal Transformation( you will learn more about yourself).

IV. Increases efficiency at work.

V. Reduces blood pressure level.

** Exademy is also going to start a 20 minutes meditation session for all the Exademy students.

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