How to take Premium Essay,History,Polity Test ?

Exademy Launched its Essay, History, Polity Premium Test on 23rd-July-2020. If you want to participate in the Premium Test, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: You need to be a member of Exademy . If you are new to Exademy Kindly login ( ) and join the Essay Group (To join Essay Group "Click on Community Group Menu " which is available on the Home page ).

Step 2: In Essay Group Questions will be uploaded in the given time Schedule. You have to Download the Question from there or you can view the Question.

Step 3: Write the Essay on that given Topic on a plain white sheet. Scan that page and convert it in PDF format. Rename the Pdf as (Name_State_Date).

Step 4: Now, you have to upload that PDF on the website.

Procedure to Upload the PDF on the website .

Click on the Explore button below the Our services Text which is available on the homepage.

After Clicking on Explore Button a new page will open, There you will find a box of "LEKH (Essay Evaluator)".On that Box, you will find a blue color button with the text "Take Exam".

Click on that "Take Exam"Button a Razorpay payment gateway page will open .

You need to pay Rs. 30 (You can Pay Rs. 30 using Net banking, UPI, QR, Credit & Debit Card.) for uploading your PDF.

Once you pay Rs. 30, then you will be redirected on the Answer sheet submission page. You have to fill Name, Email ID, State/UT, Mobile Number, Submission Date and Click on "Upload Answer sheet " to upload your answer from your device Location.

Note: when the "Upload Answer Sheet" Page will redirect after payment, don't go back to any page. Upload Pdf immediately when the "Upload Answer Sheet" page appears on your screen. If you Go back, you will be asked to pay again.

Choose the file and click Submit. It'll Take 3-4 Sec.(depends on your file size) to upload your file in our Database.

Once File will be uploaded then A message "Your Answer Sheet has been Submitted" in light Blue will appear Below the Register Text.

Finally, You have Submitted Your Answer Sheet.

Similar Procedure will be followed for History & Polity Test.


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