How to give Weekly premium UPSC,BPSC,OPSC, WBPSC,UPPSC Test .

Step 1: First of all You need to “signup” on Exademy Website. If you had already signed up, then log in from your device directly.

Step 2: You have to Enroll for Exademy Full Syllabus Premium Test. You can enroll in the full Syllabus Test by Clicking On “weekly Premium Test“ on the website menu and then Pay the Exam Fee.

Step 3: After Registering for a weekly Test, you will be added to your respective Exam section for which you had paid.

Note: Now, we are a small team so it might take up to 12 hours for adding you in the Respective Exam Section.

Step 4: After getting in your Respective Exam Section you can give the exam, the exam will automatically start when the timer will stop.

Step 5: Click on the “Premium Exam Section” button which is in the right corner on the Green Board.

Step 6: Then Take a visit of the page at once and then click on the button “Take Exam”.If this button works and a page will open. Then, you are already added to The exam Section. Now, you can give Test On the respective Scheduled Time.

Note: If you face any difficulty in giving test,you can refer to this video describing procedure of giving test.


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