How to be part of EXADEMY Community and What guidelines to be followed?

Step 1: Visit our website to read about our courses.

Step 2: To be part of any initiative,WhatsApp on 7381987177 about the course or initiative you want to be part of like LEKH(Essay Evaluator),EKLAVYA(Counseling),IIT-JAM,UPSC CSE,History answer Evaluator,Polity answer Evaluator etc.

Step 3-Then you will be added to respective WhatsApp groups and you are now a part of Exademy community.

Step 4- To continue to be a member of community,you must follow following guideline strictly:

Step 5- Any query about courses,test dates can be asked in respective state groups.

Note: You can also connect to us on-

1. YouTube: :

2. Facebook:

3. Instagram

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