How social mixing and good communication skills helps us to enhance our personality?

The social mixing perspective has become an ordinary reaction, realizing that the bridging between higher and lower economic groups is difficult. Social mixing refers to a variety of levels of economy, tenure, social class in a given neighborhood.

The main objective of social mixing is to enhance the relationship between the diverse groups of society and to eliminate the negative stereotypes. This is obvious that through social mixing the individual learns the values, norms, and beliefs of a given society that mold the human behavior. The social experience is the base of personality, which refers to a person's fairly consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. Personality is constructed from social surroundings and the individual learns how to respond to them. As the personality develops, the person simultaneously becomes a different individual and share our culture. In absence of social experience or social mixing, personality simply does not develop. Thus it is through social mixing and living in the society as a respected citizen that the personality of any person is molded to a greater extent. Social mixing with people helps one to express his/her hidden or latent talent more effectively. This will definitely help to develop your personality and increase your social network. Social mixing with people also reduces social distance based on class, caste, or religion as it brings people together and solves different problems that give them an opportunity to express their opinion regarding the issue, which will develop more confidence in an individual.

As we know all human exchange then whether it may be personal or professional, it is based on communication. And the first thing that reflects something about your personality is your communication skills, especially in professional life. Verbal communication is one of the fundamental forms of communication. It is how we get our ideas, thoughts, and feelings across to people in various situations. It consists of four crucial elements content, organization, style, and delivery.

Content states that communication should be clear, simple, logical, and relevant to the topic.

Organisation explains that the discussion should flow from point to point making it easier to comprehend.

Expressing about style, you must be very cautious about the choice of words, grammar, and the tone you use while communicating with the audience. Your style has a tremendous impact on your personality.

The way you deliver your thoughts is one of the most important factors that reveal your personality. In order to communicate the message effectively, maintain eye contact with the listeners. Also, you should always use positive statements rather than negative ones and should be appropriately dressed.

Above all the elements plays a major role in reflecting your true personality. If one thinks, that just by wearing branded clothes and carrying a smartphone will give a good impression but it is not true. People with good communication skills exhibit a better, attractive, and impressive personality. In professional life, if you want to create a great social network surrounding professional people, your personality and communication skills matter a lot. Whenever communicating you should be presentable and focused on the talk that attracts the listeners.

Our communication skills directly illuminate how we represent ourselves to the world, how pleased and fulfilled we are in life. Sometimes even if we are announcing something important, we cannot draw the attention of the listeners towards us. This is due to a lack of communication skills and personality. So now you must have understood how important it is to have good communication skills for your personality.

Thus, we can conclude to achieve success in your professional life it is very important to have a good personality so that you can expand your social network. And to have a better personality social mixing with different people and your communications must be excellent.

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