Guidelines of Hunar (Exademy Talent).

I. Document File size must be less than 25 MB.

II. Video File size must be less than 150 MB.

III. Don’t post any pornography content. If found so then the contributor will be debarred permanently from Exademy & further action will be taken.

IV. No Discriminative thoughts & community Violence file or video should be uploaded. If found immediate action will be taken.

V. Don’t publish any Political publicity kinds of stuff here. No Political Propaganda allowed.

VI. Privacy & Secrecy is your sole responsibility.

VII. Don’t upload anything directly from Google. This platform is made to highlight & Flourish your creativity.

VIII. Upload your creativity, we will review it monthly and the best creativity will get website badge.

IX. Don’t copy-paste other's creativity in your file. Being dishonest is never an acceptable trait.

X. Avoid Plagiarism. Moreover, give credit to the owners of the ideas which you have taken inspiration from.

XI. No community guidelines mentioned above should be violated.

Technical Head


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