FAQs Related to Hunar (Exademy Talent) .

1) Sir, Hunar is not accessible to me?

Answer: First of all you need to Signup then only you can access Hunar (Exademy Talent) Section.Exademy offers its Exclusive Benefits only to their Students.

2) Sir, How can I create a folder of my own?

Answer: You can create a folder by clicking on the "Create folder" button which will be in the right upper corner and Rename it whatever name you want. But, always create your folder inside your respective states Folder. Don't create any STATE Folder otherwise You will be Debarred from Posting any article. Before Creating Folder and uploading files, kindly Read the Guidelines.

3) I am not able to create a folder despite of being a member of Exademy Website.

Answer: You can't create any folder until you make your profile Public. To make your Profile Public you have to click on the icon of your profile picture which will be in the login bar in the Header . When you click on the bar you will get two options "Profile" and "Logout" Respectively.

You have to click on Profile and then your profile will open on the existing Page. On the left side, you will see a vertical rectangular Bar where you find your profile picture, and just below the profile picture you will see an option to "Make profile Public" .You have to click that button, once clicked your profile will be public. Now, you are ready to create a folder & upload files in Hunar (Exademy Talent).

4) Sir, Can I post the video in my folder?

Answer: yes you can, But keep your video short and Within 150 MB limit.

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