Advantages and Disadvantages of Modernisation , Is it good or bad for the future?

What is Modernization?

Modernization is the general term that social scientists use to describe the way societies change in specific ways. It only symbolizes the change that took place at the current time. It brings culture, society, or various organizations into the current standard of existence. Simply it can be called a process of adjustments with new requirements in life. It involves the concept of being modern and dynamic. It is all about acceptance of new ideas, the curiosity of acquiring new knowledge, revolutionary change leading to the transformation of traditional society into technological and civilized society. Modernization refers to a model of developing transition from a pre-modern or traditional to modern society.

Advantages of Modernization

1) It helps in developing good moral values.

2) It helps a country to set up its own identity.

3) Modernization is marked by urbanization, industrialization, democratization, etc.

4) It is considered in the development of a proper behavioral system.

5) It helps to build a knowledge-based society.

6) Through modernization people enjoy a smooth and advance lifestyle.

7) Skilled and trained citizens are developed in society.

8) New innovative inventions such as telephones, televisions, the refrigerator, computers, easily available internet helps people to communicate with each other around the globe.

9) There is an increase in the global trade of the country which allows the people to sell and purchase goods at a global level that increases the economy of the country.

10) Modernization has led to the development in various areas, for example, it is now easy to count the growth of population through modern technologies, as well as, it has also helped scientists all over the world in certain discoveries which were mysteries before.

11) There is development in medical technologies.

Disadvantages of Modernization

1. Modernization has to lead to an extreme level of urbanization due to which there is an increase in pollution then it may be hazardous smoke coming out of industries causing air pollution or it may be the wastewater of factories usually allowed to flow in river or sea which causes water pollution.

2. It is also affecting our village cultures and the agricultural system. In the past generation, there were only organic products in the farms but now it has turned hybrid farm produce in certain places.

3. The demand for western culture is rapidly increasing in our society which can be dangerous for the preservation of our own culture. This is a loss of Indian culture.

4. To have access to all the modern technologies people are preferring to settle in urban areas and rural areas.

5. Also the spiritual nature of a human being is diminishing as compared to the previous generation.

6. Natural resources such as wood, water, oil, rubber, silk, etc are processed in factories in modern society and are not consumed organic form.

7. There is an increase in deforestation in order to build skyscrapers, factories, etc.

8. In urban areas, there is a lack of playgrounds for children as on empty lands buildings are being built.

9. Due to the new technology the demand for laborers is decreasing and this had led them to unemployment.

Is it good or bad for the future?

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Modernization, it is quite difficult to state whether it is good or bad for the future. Now just imagine your life without internet access, social media, electricity, electronic gadgets, etc. These all are the need of the hour. On the other, just think about cyberbullying or harassment through e-mails, chat rooms, or text messages. Either we have to keep using them or stop using them, but with the developing world, we will choose to continue the use of social media. Therefore, as per my point of view as the coin has both side's heads and tails, a specific thing may have its own demerits and merits, thus accepting it as it is, is better for the coming future. With emerging technology, we can surely try to cure all the disadvantages leading to it.

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